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Statement on the Law Society Treasurer Election

The following statements can be attributed to Douglas W. Judson, Chair of the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA):

FOLA Welcomes Treasurer Horvat

“FOLA congratulates Bencher Jacqueline Horvat on her election to succeed Teresa Donnelly as Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario.

“Ms. Horvat brings to this role over a decade of experience at Convocation, including on various committees at the forefront of its public interest mandate. She also brings valuable leadership experience and perspective from her own practice.

“We look forward to working with Treasurer Horvat over her term. We hope to meet with her in the near future to discuss some of FOLA's priorities – particularly the need to protect Ontario’s county and district law library system.

“This election marks the first time in the Law Society’s 225-year history that the role of Treasurer has changed hands from one woman to another. Treasurer Horvat will be just the sixth woman to hold this title in that time period.

“We thank outgoing Treasurer Donnelly for her service and dedication to the profession, and her ongoing friendship and support of FOLA.

Bencher Vacancy

“This Treasurer election has also triggered a vacancy among the ‘outside Toronto’ slate of benchers. As the next-ranked candidate in the 2019 bencher election, this vacancy was presented to me yesterday.

“I have declined this role, owing to my recent elevation to the role of Chair at FOLA, which would place me in a position of conflict at Convocation. FOLA has recently seen significant turnover on its board and executive, and it is in need of sustained leadership and capacity-building, which I intend to provide. We have important and exciting work underway.

“By standing down, I am also in a position to congratulate my Kenora colleague and past FOLA chair Cheryl Siran on her expected appointment as bencher. Ms. Siran is a proven leader in the legal profession, and I am delighted to see another strong voice for the Northwest and law associations at Convocation.”



Douglas W. Judson (he/him/his)

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