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Our Forest, Our Future

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Fort Frances, ON - Fort Frances town council has been working hard to support and facilitate a sale and transition to operating status for the Fort Frances mill.

Central to this effort — and any potential transaction to a buyer that will operate the facility — are the rights to wood fibre in the Crossroute Forest, which are currently held by Resolute Forest Products under a Sustainable Forest License (SFL). The SFL explicitly designates that these trees are to supply our mill.

A subcommittee of council is in daily communication with one another, with administrative staff, and various external parties and officials on this file.

We want you to be informed of the facts and our role. That’s why we have created a website – at – to provide a portal for the public to learn about the steps and efforts undertaken by town council to advance this critical priority for our community.

Our forest is our future, and we are committed to protecting and promoting key economic assets like the Fort Frances mill.



Douglas W. Judson

Councillor, Town of Fort Frances

Phone: 807-861-3684


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