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Hartlen Interviews Judson About Council Renewal

Updated: Feb 24

On March 25, 2022 I sat down with Caitlin Hartlen to talk about the upcoming municipal election and why change and renewal on Council is so important for our community's future.

Caitlin and I talked about a number of the successes, shortcomings, and challenges I have seen over this term of Council, and specifically on the need for more working-age people to have a role in local government.

Here's the video of our discussion:

Nominations for the 2022 municipal election open on May 2 and close on August 19. Voting day is October 24, with the new Council being sworn in after November 14.

Those interested in running for office are welcome to contact me if they would like more information about what is involved in running a successful campaign or serving on Council.

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