Douglas Judson

Bencher Candidate (Northwest Region)

My sincere thanks and congratulations to everyone across the province who participated in the 2019 bencher election. The results were released on May 1, 2019.


The outcome was not what many of us had hoped for, and I share the disappointment of many that our profession did not elect more progressive, diverse, and younger candidates to Convocation. However, I sincerely believe that everyone who participated in the dialogue surrounding this election did so with a view to advancing the public interest mandate of our profession. Thank you to all candidates for their contributions to this process.


After facing significant scrutiny about why I was running at this stage in my career, I am very pleased to see that I earned the trust of more voters across the province than any other candidate in the Northwest Region (with the exception of one person who ran as part of a single-issue protest slate).


I accept this as further evidence of the profession's will to see the perspective and challenges of recent calls and junior lawyers reflected at Convocation. I will continue to look for ways to make those contributions in other forums.


A very special thanks to all of those who helped 'get out the vote' these past two weeks; the organizations and individuals who put their trust in my candidacy; Paul Marai, for assisting me with my online campaign; and Peter Howie, for putting up with a very, very long campaign period.




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